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TIC & SIAF Graduation Ceremony 2017 - Temasek International College - TIC

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Opening Remarks By Amos Rao, Senior Vice President of Shenton Education Group (SEG), on the occasion of Temasek International College (TIC) & Shenton Institute of Applied Finance (SIAF) Graduation Ceremonies, 16th December 2017, 10.15 AM held at Park Royal Yangon, 33 Alan Pya Phaya Road, Dagon Township, Yangon 11191, Myanmar

Distinguished Guests, Members of the Media, Ladies & Gentlemen,

1) A very good morning to all of you. On behalf of Shenton Education Group (SEG) Board of Management, it is my great pleasure and privilege to welcome each of you to Temasek International College (TIC) & Shenton Institute of Applied Finance (SIAF) Graduation Ceremonies 2017.

2) SEG Chairman, Mr. Teng Cheong Thye requested me to express on stage, our thanks and gratitude to His Excellency, U Naing Win Director of Ministry of Hotels and Tourism for your presence. On behalf of Ministry of Hotels & Tourism, His Excellency, U Naing Win will address us shortly with his keynote speech.

3) I wish to thank SEG Marketing Team, Academics, Student Services, Student Volunteers & in particular Ms Khiang Su Su Thwe (Krystal) for their excellent organizing efforts, which without doubt, will contribute to the success of our graduation ceremonies.

4) I would like to welcome Mr. Chia Tuck Keong, Managing Director of SDH Institute Singapore and Executive Director of Shenton Education Group. I wish to thank SDH Institute for their first-amongst-equals’ skills-based Hospitality & Tourism Management programmes and top-notch academic support to TIC all these while.

5) I also wish take this opportunity to welcome all graduates, parents and friends; attending TIC’s second graduation ceremony and SIAF’s first ever graduation ceremony in Myanmar!

6) Mr. Executive Director, Your Excellency, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, today marks an important 4.5 years corporate milestone for Shenton Education Group in our mission, to develop Global-minded professionals for Myanmar’s Nation Building. Furthermore, today’s TIC & SIAF graduation ceremonies have propelled SEG towards our vision of becoming the foremost Human Capital Developer in Myanmar.

7) The loudest cheer this morning, is reserved for our graduates who will be receiving their qualifications later. Each of you have done your part, studied hard and made the grade to be here today. Shall we give our graduates a VERY BIG round of applause?

8 ) On this occasion, I would like to remind each graduate that your journey has merely began. Yesterday, I was reading The Myanmar Times, an article caught my attention. The header was, “No Job guarantee merely by being a graduate”. That article was about young Myanmar university graduates, end up unemployed because they cannot find fitting jobs that they dreamt of.

9) SEG is acutely aware of the situation. That is the reason, why we make no apology about our industry-centric approach to education. It is therefore not an empty boost for me to say that, TIC Advanced Diploma in H&T Management graduates are almost certainly guaranteed of jobs, in the form of well paying H&T internships, both locally and regionally.

10) It is also not an empty boost for me to say that, SIAF’s Diploma in Logistics & Supply Management (DLSM) graduates suddenly find better job opportunities, locally and regionally knocking on their doors. In fact, logistics sector employers made requests for our graduates, to consider applying to their companies, in both supervisory and managerial roles.

11) Having said that, the qualification which you will be receiving is just a passport into the future. The future still requires much hard work, from each of you. To help you, remember and apply the core values of both TIC & SIAF, the acronym SMILE (Service, Meritocracy Integrity Leadership & Excellence). Not just when you recite your graduate pledge later, but remember to SMILE in all future circumstances, in the companies, communities and organizations in which you are a member of.

12) Last by not least, today is your day. It is a time for you, loved ones and friends to celebrate your achievements. To conclude, I will end with the following quotation by Colin Powell, a retired 4-star General in the United States Army. He wrote: “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and diligence... There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure”. Let us reflect upon the wise words of Colin Powell and apply them in our lives.

13) Thank you.