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At Temasek International College (TIC), we believe that quality education changes lives. We aim to develop business leaders and professionals with an international perspective so that they can contribute to Myanmar’s integration with the regional and international economies.

We constantly strive to develop our students in a holistic manner. We aim not only to impart professional and business knowledge and skills in our students for Myanmar’s fast growing economy, but also inculcate a positive work attitude, strong sense of social responsibility and a spirit of entrepreneurship. We achieve this through innovative learning methods and caring student support.

Learning at TIC happens not only in classrooms. We have industry visits, practicums, projects and overseas exchange programs to enrich the educational experience. We also provide opportunities for students to take up leadership roles in learning activities and the Student Council. We are proud of the many achievements of our students in the classroom and beyond, especially via community services and altruistic endeavours.

Realise your dreams with Us!


To be the Premier Higher Education Institution in Myanmar.


To develop Global-Minded Professionals for Myanmar’s Nation Building.

Core Values

To SMILE   – Service  Meritocracy  Integrity Leadership  Excellence

Service : in spiritual sense, to help and to do things to benefit others; in social sense, to serve the community and to contribute to society; in corporate sense, to serve our students in the best possible way and help one another in achieving the vision of being the best school in Myanmar.

Meritocracy: to be objective, open, transparent and fair in appraising our students, subordinates and personal or corporate achievements ; to appoint, promote or reward our staff on the basis of abilities, achievements and contributions.

Integrity: to be honest, open-minded, objective and precise in looking at individual or corporate problems, weaknesses and mistakes; and have the courage to make the correct decisions to rectify these issues. It is OK to make mistakes but unacceptable not to identify, analyse and learn from them. Do not tolerate problems, dishonesty or badness.

Leadership: in the relative sense, to be at the forefront of the pack and to be ahead of competitors through innovation, achieving excellence and continuous efforts; in the absolute sense, to take charge, exercise initiatives and always strive to stay ahead at both the corporate and individual levels.

Excellence: to be the best you can be at the individual level and deliver the best experiences, products and services at the corporate level. Never compromise on quality and always look for ways to improve our school and ourselves.